PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing - safety checks for Business

PAT testing (portable appliance testing) finds common problems within appliances.This including breaks in the outside cable insulation. A failed cable insulation resistance test. And in addition, using an incorrectly rated fuse is another common problem. By using (Wattage divided by Volts = Amps) it is possible to check what amp fuse should be used in an appliance. Business portable appliance testing just call us on 07577211544

We fully understand that portable appliance testing on computer systems. And servers can rise concerns. However we use a Seaward Primetest 100 for PAT Testing that is safe to use on all IT equipment.

Having all portable appliances tested. Will ensure that your business conforms to the Electricity at Work Regulations of 1989. And also including The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations plus it helps prevent the potential risk of electric shock.

The law requires employers including self-employed. To ensure that all electrical equipment that they provide in their business is safe. And properly maintained that is why testing electrical equipment is a very important part of health and safety. Our PAT testing services use both a visual inspection. And an electrical test by using a Portable appliance testing machine. The machines are calibrated regularly and are operated by qualified. And experienced technicians.

pat testing safety checks for business

Each item tested receives a unique tested label. And is logged on an excel spread sheet. A copy of the test results is then emailed to the client for their records. And can be printed out and even used as an asset register.

After a Visual inspection of the mains cable for breaks in the insulation. And damage to the mains plug we also check that the correct fuse is installed.

The portable appliance testing equipment check the following:-

  • Earth bond/continuity of the protective earth conductor (Class I devices)
  • Insulation test (or earth leakage)
  • Operation test
  • Leakage test

Additional Testing Options (Dependant on PAT Equipment)

  • Extension Lead Tests including Polarity
  • 110 V test connection
  • Fuse check
  • Leakage test

Business PAT Testing Services

The ethos of Phoenix Janitorial is to provide our customers a competitive price for portable appliance testing. And repairs where possible any appliance related minor repairs. Retests will be included free of charge. And wherever possible carried out on site. We provide portable appliance testing for schools. And businesses in Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire as well as Nottinghamshire.

The only extra charge will be for materials used for any repairs and will be charged at cost.

Any major repairs can be undertaken at our workshop at a reasonable cost by fully trained technicians.

All fuses are checked and changed where required free of charge. Every item is individually identified with its own unique asset number label that will show when the next test is required.

We use state of the art calibrated testing equipment. And will generate a report that can be used as part of your inventory for the electronic equipment that you have on your site.

This is generated electronically and sent to you by email to the person nominated by you. This is in line with our policy on saving the environment (Hard copy available on request).

Microwave Leak Test

Microwave Leakage Tests is carried out free of charge while on site during PAT Testing.

Portable Appliances Test

If you have any question regarding PAT Testing including how often does equipment need testing? Then just call us on 07577211544 we are happy to answer any questions. Our equipment health and safety checks will aid your business. And help you reduces the risk of electric shocks from faulty equipment can cause injury.

Our Prices

Our portable appliance testing service will cost just £1.20 per item excluding any materials (for appliance repair), if you subscribe to the Phoenix FM package it will reduce the rate to only £1.00 per item excluding any materials (for appliance repair), prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.